It’s a photo! More specifically it’s an app called Printic which lets you select photos from your mobile phone (or Flickr, or Instagram, or Facebook) and then order them as faux-polaroid prints.

The interface for the app was super easy to use. You can also add text messages but the font was too cheesy for my taste. Considering how many photos I take on my phone though, it was really freaking awesome to be able to print a few and actually hold them for once. You can have the photos sent wherever, so you could technically even use the app as a sort-of postcard-maker.

I was given a free trial with 10 free prints, and then by getting on their mailing list it seems they provide occasional offers for free additional prints. Seems like a really good deal.

All the prints are $0.99 / 0,79€ but you must order a minimum of 3 prints per order. Absolutely no shipping costs which is pretty awesome. More information on their app website.

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